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Gaia Dreams Deep Restore Nectar Gaia Dreams Deep Restore Nectar
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Gaia Dreams Deep Restore Nectar
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    Angelic Coco Intense Strengthening & Thickening 2n1 Conditioner Angelic Coco Intense Strengthening & Thickening 2n1 Conditioner
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    Nourished Stimulating Scalp & Hair Oil Nourished Stimulating Scalp & Hair Oil
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    The Intention is HOLISTIC

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    Become Mindfully Obsessed

    Join our Angelic Community for refreshing results and mindful hair care. Recharge your rituals with eco-conscious, holistic and Native American inspired formulas designed to elevate your hair strands without unnecessary ingredients. We believe that holistic hair care requires more than just flawless hair: it starts on the inside and radiates outward.

    Demand Better for You

    You Deserve to be Nourished

    Get growing, gorgeous hair with the help of Nourished by Shawnta! Your hair deserves to be nourished with holistic products created from high quality and ethically sourced ingredients. We are devoted to crafting holistic formulas just for your hair care needs - offering labels that prioritize trustworthiness. Not only is our approach to your beauty needs top notch, but it's also sustainable. Our eco-conscious ingredients are kind to the planet and our recyclable packing is a reflection of that. Let us accompany you on your journey to optimal nourishment.

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    Nourished by the Indigenous

    Discover our hair care line inspired by the Native American centuries-old practices. Our luxurious, natural ingredients include yarrow, geranium (wild rose) and horsetail root. These ingredients work to hydrate, promote hair growth, repair damage, and support optimal scalp health. We're not just about beauty - our mission is to promote mindful hair care that respects the natural world. Our company partners with indigenous manufacturers, ensuring ethical sourcing and the promotion of traditional herbal practices. Experience soul-nourishing, mindful hair care that integrates ancient wisdom with modern science.

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    THE intention is to be nourished #nbshair