Who We Are

Nourished by Shawnta is an all natural vegan hair care company created in 2017, based on the pure intention of formulating clean holistic beauty. So many times products are created without pure intentions in mind, making plenty of room for toxic products to remain on the market. That’s why Nourished strives to always craft products that are organic, clean and sustainable


What started as a simple pure intention, to create hair products that encouraged hair growth. Has now grown into an overall go to beauty line for thousands of customers! From the very beginning we have valued health over everything. It is our number one priority to carefully formulate every Nourished product to be non-toxic and vitamin packed. Our product goals since the beginning, have been to combine the purest ingredients with our pure intentions, to get the purest outcome. We are inspired exclusively by nature, always. 

All Nourished by Shawnta products are sustainably sourced, small-batch and cruelty-free. We never use animal by-products, and we source organically grown ingredients.


Nourished is obsessed with holistic living!  Our founder takes health to another level with her personal and educational knowledge. Our founder has been certified by the world’s largest and most respected nutrition and health coaching school. 

With our founder being certified in holistic nutrition and beauty; it has created a seamless pathway to bring carefully mastered formulas to your hair care routine. We know how beneficial choosing the best herbs, oils and botanicals can be to your hair strands; and we always take a beyond surface level approach to sourcing all of our ingredients. 



We are committed to providing carefully mastered small batched formulas. It is our promise to you that Nourished products are always vegancruelty-free and sustainably sourced.
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