About Nourished by Shawnta


“Nourished” was created by certified health coach Shawnta Crook! She is a loving mother and hard worker, who is also passionate about her very own handmade products. Nourished was created and made from scratch to achieve, maintain, and protect healthy long hair strands! Her product goals were to combine the purest ingredients with her pure intentions, to get the purest outcome possible. All Nourished by Shawnta products are always sustainability sourced and cruelty-free. We never use animal products, we get organically grown ingredients where possible.


Success was inevitable for Shawnta with her natural, easy to use, all organic recipes! She started by testing them out on herself but quickly gained notoriety and the trust of others when she decided to share her hair journey with the world by creating her very own YouTube channel “Shawntas Way”.  Her YouTube channel alone has helped thousands of naturals!! Shawnta became an expert on not only hair growth but also nourishment. Shawnta created “Nourished” to be toxic free, with hair health being top priority!



Shawnta started her journey to healthy long hair in 2013! She was very big on using clean, non toxic ingredients and this is what led her to mainly creating her own products. She has always used natural ingredients straight from the earth! All "Nourished" products consist of natural non toxic ingredients. Formulated to moisturize and grow hair strands. Nourished by Shawnta adds the perfect blended balance of hydration, shine and moisture to give your hair nourishment, and health that will last. Our products can be used on curly, wavy, and kinky hair.



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