Nourished by Shawnta is an all natural vegan hair care company created in 2017, based on the pure intention of formulating clean holistic beauty. So many times products are created without pure intentions in mind, making plenty of room for toxic products to remain on the market. That’s why Nourished strives to always craft products that are authentically created and all of our ingredients are holistically inspired with nourishment in mind.

We are committed to providing you carefully mastered science-backed and sustainable formulas. Our approach is genuineoriginal and righteous.

OUR MISSION: To intentionally create high-quality healthy beauty products based on inner wisdom. We are innately authentic and we positively transform what appeared broken.




We create intentional hair care for mindfully obsessed people who are seeking authentic transformation in their beauty routine.
All Nourished by Shawnta products are sustainably sourced, science-backed formulas and cruelty-free. We never use animal by-products, and we source organically grown ingredients where possible.
Nourished is obsessed with mindful living!  Our founder takes health to another level with her personal and educational knowledge. Our founder has been certified by the world’s largest and most respected nutrition and health coaching school. 
With our founder being certified in holistic nutrition and beauty; it has created a seamless pathway to bring you carefully mastered formulas to your hair care routine. We know how beneficial choosing the best herbs, oils and botanicals can be to your hair strands; and we always take a beyond surface level approach to sourcing all of our ingredients. Being honest is one of our core values, we never add false claims or dishonesty to our products or marketing.



Shawnta is the creative director and founder of Nourished by Shawnta. Beginning her journey on YouTube in 2015 as a natural living influencer. She now presents a unique perspective to the world of natural beauty through her inner wisdom of what it means to truly live clean. 


Shawnta describes herself as ‘obsessed with clean living,’ taking Nourished by Shawnta to an elevated level with her personal and educational knowledge. In addition to her college degree, she has received two official certifications from the world's most respected nutrition and health coaching school at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

In 2017 Shawnta also had the personal pleasure to shadow a naturopathic doctor who provided his direct insight on her product value and the ecological validity of her ingredient choice! 

Her academic background and holistic lifestyle have developed a seamless pathway to bringing carefully mastered formulas to both your hair and skincare routine. Shawnta is passionate about intentionally creating clean products for you. She recognizes the critical importance of consciously selecting the most potent herbs, plant-derived oils, and botanicals to satisfy the target user’s needs. She naturally adopts a beyond surface-level approach to sourcing all raw ingredients used in Nourished by Shawnta formulas.


Shawnta has helped over 203k+ subscribers through her natural living YouTube channel “Shawntas Way” which has transformed the lives of many. As she grows and explores, she will constantly remember the core audience that has been with her since the beginning of her journey. Shawnta’s YouTube audience has obtained tremendous results from her go-to tips and DIYs. 


Just as she has helped to radically transform the lives of many through her YouTube platform she continues to infuse that transformative energy into the brand. Shawnta passionately believes “what you put into this world is what you receive back.”- A model she has demonstrated through her mindful lifestyle and enormous commitment to conduct genuine intentions behind all Nourished by Shawnta creations!