All About Hair Slugging

All About Hair Slugging

With Nourished being your go-to brand for haircare we had to dive into TikTok’s latest beauty trend ‘Hair Slugging’ to see if it really works! 

Hair slugging involves heavily applying a hydrating hair mask or oil to your hair and covering it tightly with a silk head wrap overnight. This treatment helps to hydrate and nourish the hair and makes it more resistant and less prone to breakage.

Does hair slugging really work?

Yes! In fact, the concept has been around in Black and Asian cultures for years. The key is nourishing your hair with the right products. 

It's critical to use a lightweight hydrating product with both penetrate and sealing ingredients so your hair can soak in all of the nutrients.

Our Nourished Stimulating Scalp & Hair Oil and Pink Honeysuckle + Mango Hydration & Strengthen Masque has benefited thousands of our customers! And this is the perfect hair slugging combo. The products mentioned above contain both penetrating and sealing ingredients such as olive oil, mango butter, and jojoba oil which will give your hair the TLC it needs! Shop now


How to slug your hair the right way:

  • Get sluggin’
  • Start by applying our Nourished Stimulating Scalp & Hair Oil or Pink Honeysuckle + Mango Hydration & Strengthen Masque to your hair. You can apply it all over your hair or on the mid-lengths and ends.

  • Wrap hair in silk head wrap
  • You may have seen some TikTok users using socks as their go-to hair wraps but we recommend switching this for a silk head wrap as these are less abrasive and will help prevent breakage, unlike cotton headwraps.

  • Get those zzz’s in
  • Now comes the best part - sleep!

  • Rinse and shine (literally 💁‍♀️)
  • Lastly, thoroughly rinse out the product from your hair. We recommend using natural clarifying shampoo, our Pink Honeysuckle + Aloe Flower Strengthen & Deep Clarify Shampoo is perfect for this step and will help to cleanse hair from all the product build-up without the use of harmful chemicals. Click here to shop now 


    Happy Slugging 🤍