The CEO and founder of Nourished by Shawnta, puts 100% into all Nourished products! She not only manages, manufactures and creates each of her products herself. She also comes up with every single recipe and hand picks all natural ingredients. See more here!

With every curly hair need in mind, Shawnta develops nutrient dense recipes that work! Shawnta is a skilled holistic health coach that has always been passionated about the health and nourishment of the body. Now that Shawnta is able to put this knowledge into her hair products, her customers can now reap all the benefits of nourishing their natural curls with love ♥︎


A Promise to You!

Every Nourished by Shawnta product produced; will always be vegan, cruelty free and all natural! Shawnta uses some organic ingredients in her recipes and stands by not using unsafe chemicals. Nourished promises to always whip up quality! Cheers to ingredients we all can read!!